Around Tuscany

Where to go? What to do?

You are taking a vacation in Tuscany! What a great thing to do. Now….what is there to do around Tuscany you might ask yourself. Staying at Il Colombaio di Montebenichi has its advantages as there are a myriad of activities that you can do, all of them within a close distance to the house. We have tried to set up this section, around Tuscany, in order for you to be better able to organize your vacation, thus choosing from the activities detailed below. We have separated on-going activities from seasonal events to make it easier for you to understand and plan ahead.

Should you have any questions or ideas regarding other activities, please contact us and tell us about your precise need or inquiry.

Given that most likely we can provide you with the information, even though we didn’t think writing something about it.

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Around Tuscany

Shops and food markets? Staying at Il Colombaio di Montebenichi you can use Castelnuovo Berardenga or Ambra as a base. You will find cafes or bars where you can have a typical Italian breakfast, coffee, cappuccino, pastries, Panini (sandwiches) and pizza! Around Tuscany . . . Read more ...

TOWN MARKETS (go from about 8 am until noon and some until 1 pm) The days in which you can expect them in each town are:

Tuesday: Ambra and Montevarchi
Wednesday: Bucine & Siena (big market)
Thursday: Castelnuovo Berardenga & Rapolano
Friday: Terranuova Bracciolini
Saturday: San Giovanni Valdarno

Biking in Tuscany
Cyclist enthusiasts around the world know that Tuscany is biking’s heaven. From amateur cyclists to anyone wishing to ride a bike, biking in Tuscany equates to fun, sports and pleasure! Tuscany is a land of cyclists, therefore, there are several bike shops that can rent you a bike from a simple all terrain to a professional one. Just a tip, if you plan to do some good biking in Tuscany, bring your own saddle, pedals and shoes. The rest you can get locally. Contact us should you wish to organize biking ahead of your arrival.

Golf in Tuscany

Are you thinking that you would like to golf in Tuscany? We have found that many of the people that come to Tuscany on vacation are golf players and would like know more about where to go to play golf. There are golf courses all over Tuscany, and a few very good resorts less than 1 hour drive from the house ... Read more . . .
skiing in Tuscany ski resort
Skiing: Truth be told, there is no better place than to ski in the Dolomites… and well, yes, they are a bit too far away from Tuscany.- However, Tuscany has very good slopes as well, that you can reach in a couple of hours and even do a day of skiing stint! The Abetone is the most important ski resort in the Apennines, with 50 km of slopes and state of the art lifts and paths where you can ski until April, communicating four valleys: Sestaione, of Lima, the Scoltenna and Valley of Light.
Ballooning in Tuscany hot air balloon Ballooning: Flying in a hot air balloon or ballooning is a fantastic experience, yet one more you can live in Tuscany! There is a Balloon port in Tavarnella Val di Pesa, about 45 minutes from the house. Normally flights are done just after dawn. Typically inflation takes half an hour and flights last close to 1 hour depending upon wind and general weather conditions. “Ballooning season” goes from late Spring to early Autumn with some exceptions during the winter. Contact us if you wish to book balloon flights, and we will put you in touch with the right person!
Walking Trekking around Tuscany Montebenichi Siena If you are one to know the clarity of mind, the blissful feeling from soft physical exertion, then you can start right here, you may start walking from the garden of the villa…. Start walking and following the network of trails from easy to difficult… you set your timing and you set your direction….The beauty of it is that just like in Hansel & Gretel, the paths are marked on the tress with red and white, or blue and white, or other combination of colors, so you can distinguish which way to go and which way to come back to! The hiking and trekking opportunities in Tuscany abound, also farther away from the farmhouse. While trekking in Tuscany, chances are you will spot deer, fox, wild boar and all type of beautifully colored birds. It is common to find trekking maps at the information offices of the different counties.
horseback riding horses maneggio Tuscany

Horseback riding: Horseback riding has turned out to be a very popular request. Within minutes from the villa there are three different riding opportunities, two of them quite formal and a third one where one can just go and pay for a half day riding horses with a guide. Should you be interested in any of these alternatives contact us.
Tuscan olive oil olive harvest Olive oil: Olive oil harvesting is a unique and fun thing to do. At farmhouse Il Colombaio we have 100 plus olive trees that form part of the beauty of the landscape. So many of you have come in the past to harvest with us, having lots of fun. Let us know if this is something you care to do, as normally olive harvesting falls in the off season rental period. We open the villa specially for the occasion… and then of course you are entitled to take home your own Tuscan virgin olive oil! Read more about the Tuscan harvest vacation now!
Tuscan winery tours

Winery tours: If you would like to do some winery tours, having worked in the wine industry for 10 plus years I can give you lots of advice on where to go and where your time will be well spent and fun. Let us know if you wish to receive detailed information with regards to winery tours.
Tuscan wine tasting Chianti Classico Brunello Nobile

Wine tasting: Many confuse wine tasting with winery tours. Truth is you can do a winery tour and most likely taste wine, however, you can just go places and do wine tasting without doing a winery tours. We can provide you with just the right tips to have fun and go wine tasting very close to the rental villa.

Wine and dine in Tuscany

Wine and dine: the alternatives are so many that we have created an extensive list with our recommendations, cooking style, price range, and contact information for booking. Contact us in order to receive this list or otherwise you can wait until you arrive and read the copy at the villa.

Spa (Le Terme): Tuscany has some of the best spas in all of Italy, and two of those are only a 20 minute drive from the house at Rapolano Terme. Simple, affordable, clean and fantastic spas so close we strongly recommend you take a day or a half a day to enjoy some treatments or just the warm sulphur water pools, particularly if you are in Tuscany during spring or autumn.
Tuscany tour guide Siena Florence
Città d’arte with tour guide of Siena and Florence. If you have been reading our website, by now you probably are aware that our villa in Tuscany is just about one hour from Florence and a 20 minute drive from Siena. You can go and visit these incredible cities on your own or you may choose to be guided by an expert in which case, let us know and we will put in touch with the best bilingual experts that will give you that much more from touring these historical and beautiful cities.
Events in Tuscany palio Tuscan festival

We felt we need to point out that depending upon what period you will be spending in Tuscany, you will have the chance of participating at several different historical commemorations such as the re-enactment of battle of Montaperti, the Palio of Siena, and many others, so we have created a special section Events in Tuscany.

We have tried to be as comprehensive as possible but truth be told, there is so much choice of events in Tuscany, that it would be impossible to cover them all. Our intent is to bring to your attention the amount of opportunities that abound and to peak your interest for organizing your vacation in Tuscany. Let us know if there is anything else you would like to know!

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