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For certain different events in Tuscany will be available during the period you will be taking your vacation. Most likely you will have the chance of participating at several different events in Tuscany such as historical commemorations, specifically the re-enactment of the battle of Monteaperti, the Palio of Siena (2nd of July and 16th of August), or many other small town harvest or summer festivals. Additionally, chances are you can participate or be a spectator to events such as the European Polo playoffs, the Ecomaratona del chianti (usually the second weekend in October) or the bike race the Eroica (March and October) just to name a few.
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Every small or big town in Tuscany has their own version of a summer festival, typically called ”sagra”. You will read about “la sagra del tordo”, “la sagra della chiocciola” or simply “cantine aperte”. This means that you will have the “the festival of the thrush”, or “the festival of the snail” or simply “wineries open” implying you can stop by and just taste wine on a given Sunday.

Tuscany Palio Siena The Palio of Siena is unique in that Siena has been re-enacting this race sin the dark middle ages. Even though the Palio race happens in the summer, Siena lives and breathes the Palio year round: for the Sienese, the Palio and life in the “contrada” or neighborhood is a way of life. The Palio happens on the 2nd of July and the 16th of August of every year. The weeks before each Palio are full of events in Siena, any of which will give you a taste for tradition, history and art. Most important it is free of charge!.

Montaperti Tuscany Siena Castelnuovo Berardenga The battle of Montaperti in Siena was fought in 1260 and is known to have been one of the most cruel battles in the history between Siena and Florence. The two armies met at the hill of Montaperti, about 15 minutes from the villa Il Colombaio, on the morning of September 4; and after a full day of fighting as the evening approached and the Florentines exhausted themselves on their opponent's defensive lines, the Sienese (Ghibellines) forces launched their counterattack, succeeding in hitting the standard-bearer of the Florentine (Guelphs) army and thus soon after forcing them to flee. It is estimated that some 10,000 men died on the Guelph side. This battle became famous through Dante’s Divine Comedy where he wrote about it in the ninth circle of Hell. Lately, every summer around the commemoration date, the battle is re-enacted in its exact spot, re-creating the encampment, the local costumes, customs of the medieval ages, and concluding with the re-enactment of the battle itself.

Ecomaratona del Chianti Tuscany villa vacation rental The Ecomaratona del Chianti , is a trail marathon that starts in Castelnuovo Berardenga and goes into the Chianti Classico hills. October 2011 saw the 5th Chianti Marathon a fantastic event to either watch or participate in. There are 3 running possibilities: the full marathon of 42 km, an 18 km race, or for those less sporty that wish to enjoy the trails that go through the vineyards and take time to “stop and smell the roses” there is a 10 km walk or run race too. In any case, bring your cameras, landscapes area beautiful all around.

Eroica bike race Gaiole in Chianti Siena The Eroica is a cycling classic race run on gravel roads with older bikes (only bikes made prior to 1987 can run) and bikers must dress as in the old days with woollen jerseys, black leather shoes, and old bikers’ peak caps. L’Eroica (the heroic) is a truly unique bike event raced on gravel roads with obsolete bikes amidst the spectacular Tuscan scenery, fuelled by traditional food and wine at every food stop. The race takes place in October starting from Gaiole in Chianti and running all day, normally enrolling about 4000 bikers. The spirit of this race can be felt in all the participating towns through which the bikers pass to stamp their road map and to recharge at the food buffets. If you are staying at the villa the first weekend in October you most certainly should stop by Gaiole in Chianti or Castelnuovo Berardenga and experience it!

Polo Villa A Sesta Montebenichi Castelnuovo Berardenga Just a walking distance from Villa Il Colombaio is the Villa a Sesta Polo Club, which normally hosts all type of polo games and championships. In 2011, the club hosted the European playoffs of the World Polo Championship, in collaboration with the FISE (Italian Equestrian Sports Federation) and FIP (Federation of International Polo). The winning teams Italy and England went to play the world cup in Argentina, arriving 3rd and 4th respectively. All this said, most important is the fact that polo is a fascinating game, and only a 5 minute drive from Villa Il Colombaio, you can most certainly enjoy watching a game or two during your stay in Tuscany.

The above examples are intended to give you an insight into the amazing opportunities to watch or participate in, all of them fun events in Tuscany.
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