Golf in Tuscany

Are you thinking that you would like to golf in Tuscany? We have found that many of the people that come to Tuscany on vacation are golf players and would like know more about where to go to play golf. The good news is Tuscany offers several alternatives for golf lovers to challenge their play and enjoy Tuscany’s wonders at the same time.

The enjoyment should start by travelling to the golf course or resort and continue while playing amidst vineyards and rolling hills! Panoramas are stunning throughout, playing golf in Tuscany provides an opportunity to observe the natural inhabitants of the Tuscan landscape, such as squirrels, pheasants, hares and deer!

The different golf courses in Tuscany offer the opportunity to either play leisurely or improve your standard of play, while at the same time taking-in the beauty of each unique surrounding area.

In Tuscany, you will find the level to be par to international championship golf courses and are designed by world renown golf course designers such as Gary Player or Ronald Fream, just to name a few. Each resort offers their own set of services such as golf academies, pro-shops, restaurants, and resort activities such as spas and gyms.

Following we have divided a detailed description of all of Tuscany’s golf courses in two big areas: those within one hour drive from the villa and all others.

We hope you find our way of cataloguing the golf resorts useful for planning your choice to play golf in Tuscany .

Golf in Tuscany Italia golfing resort

Golf courses within 1 hour drive

There are three 18 hold golf courses within one hour drive from the villa, one of them being built now and will be ready by summer 2013. There are many 9 hole drives that we haven’t included in this research, keeping our recommendations focused mainly on 18 hole drives.

Golf in Tuscany Toscana golf Argentario

Golf courses over 1 hour drive

There are several choices to play golf in Tuscany. Every other golf course that wasn’t strictly less than a one hour drive we have included in this selection, but you will notice, that a few of them are barely more than a one hour drive, albeit others are clearly farther away, needing for a 2 hour drive each way to get there and come back.

We have chosen to describe to 9-hole courses: Tirrentia and Elba Island because they have been consistently ranked as the best 9-hole courses in Tuscany.

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